Joe Writes The Stories Your Audience Demands

Travel and Lifestyle

Travel journalism is about more than flights and destinations. Joe works to get to the heart of a story, and create transformative experiences with his words.

Personal Finance

As Millennials and Zoomers come of age, where can they get trusted financial advice? Joe breaks down financial jargon into entertaining, easy-to-read stories.

Points and Miles

Points and miles are only as good as how they are used. Joe has experience with every major loyalty program, helping his  readers maximize their rewards.

Banking and Savings

Choosing the right bank is about more than convenience. Joe has  experience in analyzing and reviewing bank options, helping people make the right decision.

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Who is Joe Cortez?

With over a decade of trusted experience, Joe Cortez is a digital-first writer, community-focused journalist and SEO-driven producer.

With a proven record of driving human-centric stories and utilizing digital tools to guide his audience through the buyer’s journey, Joe works with publishers to create content-driven experiences to engage decision makers,  reduce friction throughout the process, and lead them to a point of conversion and delight – all driven by analytics.

(Joe’s also an amateur photographer – he took the photos below on some of his many adventures!) READ JOE’S PORTFOLIO