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As a content manager and inbound marketing professional, Joe Cortez offers a number of services for each of his clients – all of which continue to grow brand position and promise online. Joe’s specialties include content marketing, content strategy, writing, editing, and social media management. Some of Joe’s specific services offered include:

Content Marketing Strategy

  • As an employee and consultant, Joe works directly with brands to create an overarching contextual marketing and social media strategy. Joe’s process includes client persona research, writing and managing target client personas, and developing key performance indicators for your content marketing plan.
  • With every content marketing strategy plan, Joe completes search experience optimization research, trending topics in the community, seasonal search trends, and competition research. This leads to a unified content strategy across platforms, with the goal of higher online visibility through SEO, thought leadership, higher trust authority through community management, and traceable conversion actions leading to sales.
  • As part of a complete content marketing strategy,

Content Writing & Editing

  • As an marketing manager, Joe is directly responsible for writing for multiple applications, based on the target audience and the identified strategic content objectives. Joe has experience in a number of writing styles, including journalism writing, digital copy, print copy, landing page copy, social media, e-mail marketing, blogs, white papers, and press releases. In every situation, Joe will work with you to determine your needs, and help you determine which writing voice and style is right for you.
  • Joe’s process for content writing includes identifying sources, completing search experience research using Google Analytics and Keyword Planner, and outlining original content that will connect with your audience. From here, Joe can write and develop content based on trending topics, subject matter expertise for your brand, and contextual market placement.
  • Once completed, Joe will help you distribute your content across multiple channels, including opt-in e-mail marketing newsletters, and social media channels. With experience in marketing direct to consumers and decision makers, Joe’s process will help your content get read, and encourage your target audience to take immediate action.

Social Media Management

  • Joe develops strategy for sales and marketing communications across social media platforms, targeting key demographics based on client persona research. Joe has successfully implemented targeted social media campaigns for multiple clients across networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.
  • As part of his process, Joe writes targeted social media content, creates a distribution schedule based on network activity, and identifies key tags and topics to give your message the best penetration in a noisy marketplace. In addition, Joe constantly researches multiple search methods and topics that your target audience is discussing, in order to best distribute your message and engage your audience with brand-compliant messaging.
  • Instead of creating arbitrary numbers, Joe measures your messaging based on a number of key performance indicators – including sharing, engagement, and reach. To get a complete measurement of your social effectiveness, Joe has an expertise in a number of applications and analytic tools, including Google Analytics, Hootsuite Analytics, Facebook Insights and Klout.

Rates and Fees

Although rates are typically set from the Editorial Freelancers Association Rate Chart, Joe is flexible enough to set a fair and equitable price based on the scope of your project. For more information, please Contact Joe for a complimentary consultation of your needs and a complete marketing plan for your goals. 

Get Started Today!

Joe looks forward to working with you, in order to drive content strategy for your company and deliver immediate results. Contact Joe today and watch your marketing take flight!