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Below are selecting clippings from Joe’s writing portfolio.¬†Click here to view Joe’s client works, contributed works, and quoted publications.

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Featured Works by Joe Cortez

Task: Develop content that would not only assist the reader in deciding on which hotel is right for them, but also encourage conversion through Hipmunk.com.

Process: Research non-biased information about each hotel, based on information available on each location, previous user reviews, neighborhood information, and seasonal prices. This resulted in writing objective content that will help travelers decide on the best hotel for their needs.

Taipei, Taiwan Hotel Guide

Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado Hotel Guide

Jasper Hotel, Melbourne, Australia Review
Task: On a daily basis, pitch stories and receive story assignments on topics that are of immediate importance to frequent flyers on the world's busiest frequent travel community.

Process: Research stories for content, gather multiple viewpoints, and source quotes from target audiences. Once research is complete, the result is writing objective articles with a specific focus on the impact on the frequent travel community.

What Would Scottish Independence Mean for Aviation?

First Ten Flights of Etihad Residences Sold Out

British Airways "Sonic Seasoning" Adds Madonna, James Blunt to Menu
Task: Research and write high quality articles about travel insurance and safety topics from the perspective of a subject matter expert, including answering audience questions about travel insurance and safety topics.

Process: Research trending topics, seasonal topics, and stay on top of breaking situations as they happen. The research leads to long form content that adheres to search experience optimization best practices, and provides the user with quality content that will lead to a positive experience.

Don't Fall For These Hotel Scams

Three Countries You Can't Visit as an American

Three Good Reasons to Request a Duplicate Passport