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Every Day is Super Bowl Sunday (for Brands)

If your brand isn't treating every day as Super Bowl Sunday...you may be doing it wrong. Here's three tips you can take into account now!Last Week, Ad Age released a report about the current advertising availability of Super Bowl 2015. The good news is network executives at NBC claim 90% of ad inventory has already been sold. However, several sponsors who bought ad space last year – like Ford Motor Company – will be absent from the annual advertising spectacle.

Why are those traditionally big advertisers shying away from the biggest advertising opportunity of the year? While the NBC executives wouldn’t get specific, they speculated that advertisers are shying away because of hesitant financial outlooks and other “company-specific internal situations.” Translation: companies are starting to feel like their millions of dollars can be better spent on something other than an advertisement during the Super Bowl.

As an inbound marketing consultant, I applaud those companies, because their rationale is correct. They can, in fact, spend those millions of dollars better on multiple inbound and digital marketing campaigns throughout the year, with noticeably better results.

Simply put: every day should be Big Game Sunday for your business. Even without a multi-million dollar budget, there are things you can do now that will drive strong results and create better sales opportunities. Here’s three lessons we can take from the biggest advertising day in the world you can apply to your marketing right now.

Sell the Emotion Instead of the Product

In recent history, Budweiser has provided some of the most talked about ads during the Big Game. I’m a huge fan of their advertising, because their ads are not overtly about selling beer. Instead, each one tells an emotional story, that draws viewers closer to the brand. And if they remember the brand, they’ll buy into it at their local pub or grocer.

If your everyday advertising isn’t selling the story around your product or brand, you are missing a huge opportunity. Your customers don’t only experience anecdotal problems during events and holidays – they experience them every day. Telling the story of your brand with emotion and experience will draw a connection between your customer and your brand. Just like we’ve learned from the story above: if a customer feels directly connected to your brand, they will be drawn to you better when it comes to a purchase decision.

Tell Your Story With Digital Tools

An advertisement during the Big Game costs millions of dollars. When you consider that many brands buy more than one spot on national television, the price tag adds up quickly. The problem is that a Super Bowl ad is a temporary status: here today, and gone immediately after the event ends. Of course, you could make the argument that with digital media, it will always live on – but is anyone going to seek out your ad after the game?

Last year, Digiday did an analysis of how far the cost of a Super Bowl ad would go in the digital realm. For the same price of a 30 second advertisement that potentially reaches upwards of 100 million viewers, a company could take over a major content site (like Yahoo, AOL, or even YouTube) for a week. Or, you could buy over 200,000 sponsored Buzzfeed articles – a staple of the viral marketplace. Your company could even purchase a promoted trending topic on Twitter for an entire month.

I’m not suggesting that you spend upwards of $4 million on an digital ad campaign. But I am suggesting that these digital tools fetch a high price for a reason: people pay attention to major content sites, and engage with brands that are active at these realms. If you’re not using digital tools to tell your story and deliver on your brand promise, then there’s no better time than today to start.

Creating Delight is an Every Day Job – Not a Game Day Job

Which Super Bowl ads are the most memorable? Are they the ones that we’ve seen over and over again? Or the ones that create the “wow” moments for us? On the Monday after the game, people talk at the hypothetical water cooler about the ads that created delight in some way, shape, or form. How are you creating delight every day for your customers?

Through digital marketing and inbound strategy, your company can create delight in through the simplest of means. Instead of buying traditional ad space, why not thank a customer for a purchase via e-mail or social media? Instead of focusing on one big delight moment, why not focus on a bunch of minor delight moments? Creating content that focuses on your customers will help you create long term delight, and ultimately condition a better, more loyal customer.  

At the end of the day, which makes more sense: running one ad for 30 seconds? Or running multiple concurrent campaigns that will reach an ever-engaged audience? Dedicating your resources to making every day Big Game Sunday can help your brand directly reach your target audience, gather feedback on success, and drive results to create a better bottom line for your business.

How do you make every day Big Game Sunday? Are you unsure of where to start in the community? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! And don’t hesitate to contact me if I can answer any questions you may have about Inbound Marketing for your business.

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