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About Joe Cortez

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Regardless of the demands and deadlines, Joe Cortez prides himself on providing clients with quality content marketing strategies they can rely on to drive their goals. With nearly a decade of professional experience across multiple disciplines, Joe helps his clients create strategies which deliver conversions, sales, and public relations awareness. With the goal in mind, Joe always works to create delight for his target audiences with Marketing That Takes Flight™.

Joe started his career as a journalist, working in print, radio, and television. Joe’s work with ABC, CBS, and Fox affiliates across the United States earned increased television ratings through better community-driven stories, and multiple awards from the Associated Press Television-Radio Association of California, Nevada, Hawaii, Arizona, and New Mexico. By immersing himself with his community, understanding why stories mattered, and delivering journalism that resonates, Joe was able to deliver content that kept viewers attention, and made them tune in to his newscasts. Joe was on the forefront of some of the biggest stories of his generation, including the Michael Jackson Trial, and the 2008 Presidential Election. 

At the end of 2008, Joe made the decision to focus his skillset towards inbound marketing strategy, and using the storytelling process to encourage a better customer. Long before “inbound marketing” became a buzzword, Joe was already using the storytelling process to condition a more loyal customer and tracing results to influence future campaigns. Through his strategic marketing vision, content marketing solutions, blog management, search engine optimization, and social media engagement, Joe executed plans that engaged with customers, resulting in creating more leads in the pipeline, driving more conversions, and turning happy customers into brand ambassadors. Joe’s greatest achievements include:

  • Increasing the social media communities of the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts by 400% in 18 months, leading to increased sales, greater community engagement, and a larger donor base for CAPA and their constituent arts organizations.
  • Utilizing inbound marketing strategies to lead Travel Insurance Services through a period of product disruption and into a place of community thought leadership, resulting in $300,000 of increased sales and increased analytic scores by 50%.
  • Using video and social media to deliver more leads and close more sales for Worthington Career Services

From his base in the Midwest, Joe’s clients span the entire United States and Canada. When he’s not sitting at his desk, Joe can be found traveling the world, searching for the next great golf course. Where can Joe take your brand today?

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